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About RandR Photos

RandR Photos specialise in outdoor and sports event coverage, offering a digital photo-sales service to participants, and an editorial photography service to event organisers.

We provide professional and comprehensive coverage at events all over the UK and Ireland and the photographs we take are available for instant purchase and download shortly after each event. This is often possible from the event website as we offer a unique service to integrate our photo-sales within a client's website.

RandR Photos grew out of photography on the adventure racing website This growth was customer lead as event organisers and competitors liked the pictures taken by Rob Howard for the website so much they asked to buy them. A digital photo sales system was developed by Technical Director Richard Brown to offer this service, and other photographers and events were very soon asking if they could work with SleepMonsters.

The scope of the photography soon outgrew SleepMonsters and RandR Photos was established to cover a much wider range of events, although our main expertise is still in outdoor adventure sports. As these events often involve remote and challenging locations, severe weather, being knee deep in mud or the necessity to hang over the edge of a cliff to get the best shot they are the perfect training ground. After working on adventure races most other events seem easy!

RandR Photography is a U.K. limited company (Reg No:7045075) owned by Rob Howard and Richard Brown. Rob has a background in photojournalism and is an award winning photographer with publication credits in newspapers and magazines all over the world. Richard is a web developer who has worked on multi-million pound projects for major companies ... and he takes a mean picture too!

The Registered Office for RandR Photography Ltd is Suite D, 12 High Street, Barwell, Leicestershire LE9 8DQ, but please don't bother writing, send us an email or give us a call.